Brian Oar is one of the most recognized and iconic golf course photographers in the world. His nearly 20 years of work is widely recognized and has been published worldwide in Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, GolfWeek, The Golfers Journal, Cigar Aficionado, Links Magazine, and numerous other print publications.

Since 2002, Brian has photographed some ot the most epic and jaw-dropping locations in golf. Many golfers and golf travelers will recognize many iconic golf course landscape photographs you see in magazines  were created and shot by Brian Oar.

In early 2019, Brian set out to push the limits of traditional "Golden Hour" golf course photography. His creative passion questioned how he could create an epic new signature style of golf photography that no other golf course photographer has ever seen or done.

In late 2019 Brian released the first peek into his photographic vision to photograph epic golf holes in a new light, and create stunning new images no golf course photographer has ever seen or done.

Golf Illuminated™ - Epic golf landscapes brilliantly illuminated after the sun sets, and under the dark skies and stars! Check out Brian's epic new Golf Illuminated Signature Fine Art Series below:

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